Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Where did time go ???

Wow!  I cant believe my last post was back in May........ where does time  go?
The answer to that  question has to be .... I've been busy starting up a new business, yes totallytilly has now branched out into
Who would have thought that a challenge from a lovely dear friend would change my  life so much .
Working on micro-macramé was a challenge starting up Knottingways has been fun. Looking around Europe for suppliers (virtual looking) .... choosing lots of lovely thing to sell, making up a web site, (now THAT was a challenge !) and the most exciting thing .............. having a tutorial published in Bead Magazine issue 41. 
So many thanks to the lovely Dee Wingrove-Smith beautiful daughter Kate and her work colleague  Filip who designed my wonderful logo to my Beadbuddies, Catherine H , Stephanie M to name two and last but not least Len my hubby.
So if you like working with thread or leather knottingways is there.
My beaded cuff in Bead Magazine

My fantastic advert